Funeral Plan FAQ’s

What is the main benefit of a funeral plan?

The main benefit is locking the cost of your funeral at today’s prices. The cost of a funeral has gone up 92% in the last 11 years and this shows no sign of slowing down. Avoiding these rising costs will also take the financial strain away from your loved ones when your time comes. Organising the arrangements in advance will also take any further emotional stress away from your friends and family.”

What happens if I move house?

No problem.  You can simply let your plan provider know you are moving home and you will be allocated a different Funeral Director close to your new address

What happens if I die abroad?

The costs of repatriation back to the UK are not covered in any of the plans we offer.  However most of our providers will be able to help with the process.  Any costs incurred will need to be paid at the time of need.

What happens if my Funeral Director goes out of business?

You can transfer your plan to another funeral director in your area.  Your plan details will remain in tact.

What happens when I die?

One phone call to your plan provider will activate your plan, and the arrangements will be put in to motion according to your wishes.  Your chosen Funeral Director will take your family through the process and be with them every step of the way.

Can I use a specific Funeral Director?

It depends on the provider.  If you have a preference, we can tailor your plan to request your chosen funeral director.  If this is not possible however, your plan provider will allocate you a Funeral Director close to your home address

What happens to the money I pay for the plan?

All of our providers will place your money in a secure trust fund, which is supervised by an independent board of Trustees.  Even if your provider goes out of business, your money will be safely locked away in the trust, and be guaranteed to be released to your Funeral Director at the time of need.

What if I already have an over 50’s life policy?

An over 50’s life policy is a very different thing to a pre-paid funeral plan.  They often offer lump sum payments to help towards your funeral costs when the time comes.  The amount of cover is fixed, so there is no guarantee that the amount released will cover the funeral costs in full.  There may also be a delay in the release of the funds which means your family would have to cover the cost until such time the monies are released.  We believe that a pre-paid funeral plan is the best way to cover your future funeral.  Your family will be protected against any further unnecessary emotional and financial stress at a very difficult time.