According to the Sun Life cost of dying report published in 2015, the cost of the average funeral is now £3,693.  Not the sort of cash the average UK consumer has lying around.  This is has risen from just under £2,000 since 2004, but why are prices rising so sharply, and is it now becoming too expensive to die?

First of all, what do you get for your £3,693?  The answer is the very bare essentials.  The majority of the cost being Funeral Director fees, added to that are cremation or burial fees.  Burial fees currently stand at an average of around £1,645, while the cremation will cost around £683.  That’s before you think about adding the cost for flowers, a wake or a headstone.  Those extras alone will cost in the region of £2,300 pushing the total bill closer to £6,000.  Not cheap.

The financial burden for loved ones left behind can be daunting, especially if it comes at an unexpected time.  £3,693 is a substantial amount of money to stump up at short notice for the average UKcitizen, and with the cost of a funeral likely to keep rising over the coming years, it is not a situation likely to get any easier for the recently bereaved.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans are getting more airtime in the media these days for exactly this reason.  A Funeral Plan will allow you to pay for your Funeral over a set period of time and secure it at today’s prices.  This will relieve any further stress on your loved ones when the time comes.  A simple phone call to your allocated Funeral Director will start the arrangements, and your funeral will be carried out according to your wishes without your family members having to put their hand in their pocket to cover it costs.

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